Read_807 - A Measure of Sacrifice, Part 2

March 13, 2024 00:59:23
Read_807 - A Measure of Sacrifice, Part 2
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Read_807 - A Measure of Sacrifice, Part 2

Mar 13 2024 | 00:59:23


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"Of all measurement instruments, the clock is the most valuable because so many of the things we sacrifice to create are not fungible. The massive clock towers of Europe, with their enormous loud and resonant bells, broadcasting time, fairly across the town and even the countryside, rather than the last relics of the medieval, were the first building block of the wealthy modern world."

~ Nick Szabo

Part 2 of "A Measure of Sacrifice" delves into the profound impact of mechanical clocks on societal structures, emphasizing how the precise measurement of time transformed economic practices and labor relations. By creating a standardized and fungible measure of sacrifice — time — clocks facilitated the shift from serfdom and slavery to wage labor, showcasing the power of technological advancements in reshaping human interactions and values. How does this illuminate the value and role of Bitcoin in creating a new revolution in the measure and exchange of sacrifice, independently and verifiably? Could it end monetary slavery?

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“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.”

~  Thomas Sowell

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