Chat_35 - Catch-22 Trillion with the Raleigh Bitcoiners

April 14, 2020 03:16:29
Chat_35 - Catch-22 Trillion with the Raleigh Bitcoiners
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Chat_35 - Catch-22 Trillion with the Raleigh Bitcoiners

Apr 14 2020 | 03:16:29


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Guy Swann

Show Notes

You’re in for a marathon of a meetup today! The Raleigh Bitcoin Crew goes down the rabbit hole with…

Infinite money printing
Who really runs things?
Inflation and the Fed’s Great Scam
How trustless money leads to greater trust
Price “gouging” or price “discovery”?
Monopolies & the Govt
Anti-trust laws and predatory pricing
The last halving & the Bitcoin price
Quantitative Hardening
& more!

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