CryptoQuikRead_324 - Bitcoin Fixes This [Parker Lewis]

November 27, 2019 00:50:42
CryptoQuikRead_324 - Bitcoin Fixes This [Parker Lewis]
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CryptoQuikRead_324 - Bitcoin Fixes This [Parker Lewis]

Nov 27 2019 | 00:50:42


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Guy Swann

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An economy leveraged 150:1
A spiraling tower of debts to pay for our previous debts
Central Banks repeating the same policies that caused our problems as their solutions
The confiscation through counterfeit of $Trillions in economic production
Massive distortions of the price mechanism
& monetary authorities who argue over not whether they should, but by how much they will debase our hard earned money

Bitcoin Fixes This.

Part 6 in the Gradually, Then Suddenly series by Parker Lewis from the Unchained Capital blog.

Unchained just dropped the "greatest hits" collection of their blog, tons of great content to explore below:

Mentioned in the show:
Use of Knowledge in Society - Parts 1 & 2

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