Guy's Take #44 - Bitcoin is Not What you Think it is

April 06, 2021 01:08:51
Guy's Take #44 - Bitcoin is Not What you Think it is
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Guy's Take #44 - Bitcoin is Not What you Think it is

Apr 06 2021 | 01:08:51


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Guy Swann

Show Notes

• Money is not what you think it is
• Great societies are a result of great money
• Money is more foundational than language
• Prices are not arbitrary
• The nature of time
• Money is a tool of information
• Proof of work in ancient history
...And so much more in today’s Guy’s Take!

The many recommended works to dig deeper:
Wittgenstein’s Money
I, Pencil
Applying Economics to American History (Tom Woods)
Shelling Out: The Origins of Money
The Island of Stone Money
Bitcoin is Time
On Network Effects, Shelling Points, & Lindy

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