Read_370 - Explained; 0% interest, Limitless Repo, QE4 [Colin Harper]

March 26, 2020 00:50:16
Read_370 - Explained; 0% interest, Limitless Repo, QE4 [Colin Harper]
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Read_370 - Explained; 0% interest, Limitless Repo, QE4 [Colin Harper]

Mar 26 2020 | 00:50:16


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Guy Swann

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"The Federal Reserve’s market operations are ramping up by the day, and it’s using more tools simultaneously to “fix” markets than ever before. So what are these tools and how is the Fed using them?" - Colin Harper

Wondering what is happening in the hurricane that is finance and finding it difficult to piece together all of the puzzle. You aren't alone. Colin Harper has a great new addition to Bitcoin Magazine to help make sense of all the jargon of Repo markets, interest rates, zero reserve, QE4 to infinity, and the rest. Don't miss it!

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