Read_443 - On Bitcoin's User Experience [DerGigi]

September 23, 2020 00:40:40
Read_443 - On Bitcoin's User Experience [DerGigi]
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Read_443 - On Bitcoin's User Experience [DerGigi]

Sep 23 2020 | 00:40:40


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Guy Swann

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“Some concepts are essen­tial, removing them because you want a better UX might turn out to be fatal.” - Gigi

En excellent piece from SwanBitcoin blog today by the one and only Gigi. Thoughts on the trade-offs, the previous leaps that have been made, and the distance still to go on the problem of Bitcoin’s user experience. Plus, Guy talks about what it was like using Bitcoin in the “good ol’ days” before seed phrases and deterministic wallets.

Check out the crazy images of the early internet and links to check out more in the original article below:

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