Read_812 - Congress is Criminalizing Privacy

April 01, 2024 00:53:27
Read_812 - Congress is Criminalizing Privacy
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Read_812 - Congress is Criminalizing Privacy

Apr 01 2024 | 00:53:27


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Guy Swann

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"We know the law is unconstitutional.

FinCEN knows the law is unconstitutional.

FinCEN knows we know the law is unconstitutional.

And yet we're supposed to pretend like nothing happened and comply with an illegal law."

~ Jameson Lopp

What do we do when a regulatory agency continues to enforce an illegal law against a judicial verdict? Jameson Lopp explores the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), revealing how it mandates extensive reporting to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, compromising individual privacy and security under the guise of legal compliance. How does this act, despite being challenged for its constitutionality, reflect broader tensions between privacy rights and government surveillance in the digital age?

Check out the original article at Congress is Unconstitutionally Criminalizing Privacy. (Link:

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“People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.”

~ Emma Goldman

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