Read_814 - Dogma Kills Brain Cells

April 16, 2024 01:03:05
Read_814 - Dogma Kills Brain Cells
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Read_814 - Dogma Kills Brain Cells

Apr 16 2024 | 01:03:05


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Guy Swann

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"That dogma was necessary — without it the people who have built this ecosystem into what it is today wouldn’t have had the motivation to do so. Without that dogma, those people would not have had customers and users to build anything for in the first place. It was the foundation of everything we have around us today.

Now the inevitable is happening: the foundation is cracking."

~ Shinobi

Guy Swan delves into an article by Shinobi from Bitcoin Magazine, exploring the complexities of ideological dogmas within the Bitcoin community. The episode questions the sustainability of foundational beliefs that have driven the cryptocurrency's ecosystem thus far. What happens when the dogmatic pillars that supported the growth of Bitcoin begin to crumble? Tune in as Guy Swan offers a deep dive into these evolving controversies, providing insights that challenge the conventional wisdom of Bitcoin's invulnerability to ideological shifts.

Check out the original article at Dogma Kills Brain Cells. (Link:

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