Read_818 - Reviewing Reviews

April 29, 2024 01:07:13
Read_818 - Reviewing Reviews
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Read_818 - Reviewing Reviews

Apr 29 2024 | 01:07:13


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"The internet assumed NOTHING and it won because it had the basic, robust, open building blocks upon which all the innovation actually occurred. The same thing has happened with Bitcoin over the last 15 years and is now starting to happen with Nostr.

And it’s right on time, because the gateways to the internet have centralized to such a degree that the very topography of the web is changing. Access to this open bazaar is being threatened because the applications who were once gateways, have started to become gatekeepers.

To fix this, and to fundamentally fix the internet, we need to upgrade the Internet stack and establish a new suite of superior products, services and applications that compete on value, not on gatekeeper economics.

~ Aleks Svetski

How did we get from the open, decentralized bazaar that was the internet protocol, to the centralized, platform siloed experience we find ourselves in today? And by discovering how we got here, can we begin to see the path to getting out of the trap we have wandered into? Today we have an incredible article and concept brought to us by author, entrepreneur, and regular guest on the show, Alek Svetski on something they discovered in their process of building a Bitcoin LLM (Spirit of Satoshi), and how it uncovered a value case for Nostr that may very well change the nature of what we can build. You do not want to miss this read and my take to follow, I promise. Let's dive in!

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“But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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