Read_804 - The Past, Present, & Future of Offline Payments

February 28, 2024 01:03:01
Read_804 - The Past, Present, & Future of Offline Payments
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Read_804 - The Past, Present, & Future of Offline Payments

Feb 28 2024 | 01:03:01


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"It might feel as if the promised future is perpetually out of reach, but building Lightning is a lot like climbing a mountain. Climbers never really see the summit until they’re standing on top of it. They often can’t even see over the next ridge. Planning the ascent is important, but most of the time you’re simply concentrating on the next foothold. But the steps add up. Just like the view from the top is the reward for all that effort, a brighter monetary future will be our reward for building the network bit by bit."

~ Roy Sheinfeld

Today we dive into a short read covering an interesting technical challenge, but touches on a hint of truth that makes for a fascinating commentary to follow. It is easy to get lost and see where Bitcoin's potential hasn't lived up to impossible promises, but its critical that we not lose sight of where we have come from. To have a perspective rooted in reality weighing our progress from where we actually came, not lost in a foolish expectation and comparing to a falsely remembered past. Let's dive into a great little piece from Roy Sheinfeld, CEO at Breez.

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“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.”

~ Alphonse Karr

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