Read_815 - What are Mises’s Six Lessons

April 20, 2024 00:46:13
Read_815 - What are Mises’s Six Lessons
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Read_815 - What are Mises’s Six Lessons

Apr 20 2024 | 00:46:13


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Guy Swann

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"If you care about, read Ludwig von Mises and the six lessons of the Austrian economic school."

~ Renato Moicano

With a surge in interest thanks the UFC fighter Renato Moicano, Mises's Six Lessons is suddenly in the popular lexicon. After knocking out his opponent he took to the mic to share his love of freedom, and the critical importance in understanding Austrian economics. Is the tide of freedom and the culture of common sense turning? And what are Mises's six lessons, and what can they teach us? All this and more in today's episode with a read from Jonathan Newman at the Mises Institute.

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“He who is unfit to serve his fellow citizens wants to rule them.”

~ Ludwig Von Mises

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