Read_816 - Why I'm Still Not Buying Bitcoin

April 23, 2024 01:30:41
Read_816 - Why I'm Still Not Buying Bitcoin
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Read_816 - Why I'm Still Not Buying Bitcoin

Apr 23 2024 | 01:30:41


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"I'm a Bitcoin skeptic. I'm not buying Bitcoin in 2024, even if it goes back to its recent all-time highs, or higher. Here's why."

~ Ben Gran

Ben breaks down his view of Bitcoin and why he cannot see or understand any reason it would go higher. Why he doesn't invest in things that don't produce anything, because this is antithetical to investment. Why he doesn't see how something that has no purpose could possibly continue increasing in value. And how something that people claim will be the most valuable asset in the world, will also be the dominant money, because (obviously) these two ideas are contradictory. It's important to refresh our understanding of the typical person's perspective of Bitcoin, in order to be able to relate to, and hopefully explain where their thinking is wrong. So that is what I hope to do in today's episode, reading "Why I'm Still Not Buying Bitcoin in 2024" from the Motley Fool...

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“I believe that a scientist looking at nonscientific problems is just as dumb as the next guy — and when he talks about a nonscientific matter, he will sound as naive as anyone untrained in the matter.”

~ Richard Feynman

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